Lavender can be used in so many ways for weddings, from wedding toss and favors to bouquets and so much more that we created this list of 17 ways you can incorporate lavender in your wedding.

The Ceremony

1. Flower girls can strew dried lavender buds down the aisle; they will look pretty and fill the space with a lovely scent. When the bridesmaids and Bride follow even more fragrance is released as they step on the strewn buds. Later, the buds just vacuum up and even refresh the vacuum cleaner.

2. Tuck Lavender buds in the ring bearer’s pillow. The pillow can later be placed on your bed to hold the memory and freshen your linens.

3. Lavender bouquets, either dried or fresh can be tied with big bows at each pew or row of chairs. Lavender stems can be cut to any length and made just the right size to work with the bow.

4. A custom Unity or Promise Candle can be made with lavender and soy wax to light at the wedding and enjoy for future anniversaries…

5. Lavender fresh or dried can be used in brides and bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres.

6. Lavender buds can be handed out to guests in little drawstring bags to toss at the departing Bride and Groom. It is a soft and fragrant toss that cleans up easier and is more fragrant than rice.

At the Reception

7. Place cards or place settings with small dried lavender flowers, or mini bouquets are lovely and aromatic and also become an inexpensive keepsake.

8. Centerpieces with fresh or dried lavender look lovely in sizes from bud vases to large arrangements.

9. Small votive lavender soy candles burn clean and will add more fragrance to the celebration

10. Culinary Lavender can enhance the food and beverage served at the Reception. Many delicious recipes are available to make lavender scented Cakes, ice cream, cookies and punch. A sprig of lavender in a glass of champagne makes a wonderful aperitif, for example.

Special Gifts for the Bride and Groom and the Wedding Party

11. Sachets and scented hangers for wedding party gifts.

12. A special customized aromatherapy blend can be designed for the Bride and Groom and can remain their special custom fragrance, or be shared with the wedding party or guests

After the Wedding

13. Store your wedding gown in a cloth bag or a large box with acid free paper and tuck in a lavender sachet to keep mustiness and moths away.

14. Tuck lavender sachets into your shoes to keep them looking new and fresh.

15. Rub those aching feet with Lavender Peppermint foot salve, and then enjoy a bath with soothing lavender tub tea.

16. Tuck a sachet into your pillowcase for a long night’s sleep.

17. Send guests a thank you note with dried lavender stems applied to stationary.